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Types of urine test

Other types of urine test could reveal the presence of a bacterial infection. The test strips for detecting the presence of white blood cells (leukocytes to test) and in part to the presence of nitrites, which are produced by certain bacteria. The nitrite test is unreliable because in 30% of cases did not reveal infection.

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The observation and treatment should be carried out in collaboration with the physician.
Allow the patient to drink what he wants, so that the urethra can be intensely wet.

Cystitis in women usually has no complications when treated with antibiotics. There is a small risk of pylon purities, regardless of gender.

Pylon purities
Tissue inflammation of the kidneys is rare and often results from the spread of cystitis, and more rarely as a result of infection by bacteria from the blood. Symptoms

The patient is extremely ill with chills and fever (39 º -40 º C). There are usually nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, back pain, pain in the pubic area and often have great difficulty in passing urine with pain and a feeling that they did not empty the bladder.

The pain is located on the side of the infected kidney.
The levels of disease awareness, respiration, pulse and blood pressure should be checked several times a day.


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Similar to cocaine and amphetamines

It is a synthetic amphetamine derivative known as 3, 4 – meth methamphetamine (MDMA). Also known as “ecstasy,” “XTC”
“Adam” and “love drug”.
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Can be classified as either a psycho stimulant similar to cocaine and amphetamines as well be grouped with the hallucinogens because the hallucinations and “flashbacks” that cause, when used at very high doses.
Was synthesized in Germany in 1914, as moderator of appetite, but was never marketed.

In the 70s, this drug was used for purposes of psychotherapeutic treatment, but when its use became abusive, promoting lesions in neurons, became a prohibited drug.
It is consumed orally, in the form of gel capsules and tablets, which are found in various colors, designs and sizes. These preparations are often mixed in fruit juice or other beverages.

It is also used for intra-nasally in powdered form. Some preparations made in the street may also contain caffeine, LSD, amphetamines and other hallucinogens.

Youngsters and teenagers are “recreational” use of the associated or not with other drugs or alcohol ecstasy.
Use to feel more uninhibited, friendly, close and intimate people. Seek joy, euphoria and energy.

The use occurs mostly on weekends, in dance clubs or parties where crowds dance vigorously. The dance sessions that last all night, are called “raves”.