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To overcome the spring fatigue

Moreover, it is cheaper and healthier, “says Melina Nova, which is now the parent with children holiday. Better than no vitamins are the artificial body, taken in a pharmacy or drugstore
“To overcome the spring fatigue does not help to begin to encourage all kinds of stimulants such as coffee, chocolate, Cola drinks and energy drinks.”

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In order to relieve the diet is sufficient to exclude fatty foods, replace red meat with white and replace white bread for whole meal. The dramatic slimming diet doctors in the spring recommended because a weakened organism cans more virility and will be more susceptible to disease. What is important is drinking regime.

Sweet fruit juices in exchange for herbal tea is perfect nettle leaves or birch
Light without the sun
But how to add the missing light when on holiday by the sea or in the mountains and the sun is not in our latitudes occurs about as often as ever we can observe the eclipse?
In the spirit of saying the end justifies the means pressing a switch artificial lighting.

Ardent environmentalists, inveterate opponents and ignition energy giant CEZ likely collapse of such advice, but when it comes to our mental state of mind, a calm heart, and a shareholder hated giant support.

The positive effect of light to induce better psychological well-being is long established. Even at the beginning of the last century was the use of the therapeutic effect of light won the Nobel Prize. Light therapy requires a special lamp, but when we do, or do not want to attend devices that offer its effects will be sufficient light from compact fluorescent lamps.


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Impaired night vision Problems

Toxic Cataract may result from any drug or toxic chemical. Smokers have higher risk of developing cataracts.
Signs and symptoms
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Vision blurred, indistinct, hazy and smoky sensitivity to light and impaired night vision Problems can arise when driving at night because the headlights may seem too bright with the glare.

Double vision
Pupils usually appear dark whitish, milky.
Halos around lights
Changes in color perception Problems with rays of light and the sun temporary Improves vision, only in people with hyperopic. It’s called “Second Sight”.


What is it?
It is a corneal dystrophy of unknown cause, probably related to genetic factors, which may submit expressions of varying intensity in different members of the same family. There is an excessive increase in the curvature of the cornea, which can take the form of a “cone.”

Always evolving?
Not always. It may be associated with slow progression or be parked.
What is the danger?

Severe forms evolve with worsening of vision, thinning and increased corneal curvature, even loss of transparency or corneal perforation. What is the treatment? Depending on the stage, can be treated with glasses, contact lenses or corneal transplantation

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Tips from the heat wave

The first heat wave has arrived and temperatures above 30 degrees ensure that even healthy people for circulatory problems. Tips from the heat wave, except to drink a lot, how people can protect against today.
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In Germany it is very sultry and hot. Temperatures between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius will bring little cooling off in the next few days. For many people a problem, because many now suffers from poor circulation. This can strain also readily healthy people, because sudden temperature changes mean for the human body pure stress.


In addition, the human body needs, but also work a lot harder at the steady heat to maintain body temperature constant can. Thus producing the physical climate system weld, this then makes the surface evaporation for cooling.
Heat Tip: should drink Vie are mandatory – Who enormously sweats a lot, of course, loses a lot of fluid.

Does not drink a person enough it comes to dehydration of the body. The organism cannot itself ensure adequate cooling and overheating at the end.

In this way, it may lead to heat shock or to heatstroke. Particularly affected are young children, the elderly, infants, overweight, but also chronically ill people. Whereby, but also healthy can suffer if they do not drink enough.
In addition to the risk from drying heat may be responsible but also that the blood pressure sags.

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Initial tests have been carried out successfully

However, if too little from the diseased tissue, this usually means more operations for the person concerned; after all, it is but to completely remove all the cancer cells, so as to avoid the spread. Especially in breast cancer patients, it is always a challenge to successfully carry out such an operation, because it is not always clear which tissue is actually infested.

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Thus, doctors can still learn during an operation in doubt which tissue is really sick and what not, are all too often been analyzed during surgery tissue samples. Such an investigation can quickly take half an hour to complete, so that the new invention could provide a radical of time.

The so-called iKnife, was presented in London. A sly knife, which can show by means of a color display which tissue, is really cancerous cells.

Initial tests have been carried out successfully, within 3 seconds realized this smart scalpel which tissue was sick and that healthy. Nevertheless, it may still take up to 3 years to physicians keep this clever tool in the hands, because there is still more data in this device to work so that this knife really detect all cancers.

In addition, the question will arise whether clinics this clever knife can afford at all, other than in circumstances will cost around 300,000 Euros this instrument.

Enormous heat wave in Germany: Tips against circulatory problems, at about 30 degrees in the shade – As soon as the rain front has finally moved into Germany, rolled to the next extreme weather.

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in order to life again began to take bright colors

Substantial part of the book is devoted to specific food consumption at 150 diseases. For each diagnosis are necessary supplements and contra products are therapeutic methods for preparing meals, all recipes are simple, but sometimes on exotic ingredients. In general, no sensationalism, but the information is organized so clearly and sensibly, that I want to always have a book handy, at least for reference.
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What to do at the end of winter? 6 lessons for health and beauty – If raging cold make you while away the evening in the four walls of monotony gradually develops into depression, apathy and provokes tiredness. Perhaps it’s time you think about pleasurable wellness? Especially those that help not only promote physical health, but also to “wake up” the body, experience the rush of fresh energy and transform the look.

So, in order to life again began to take bright colors – will not wait for the first thaw. Because you can just gather strength, force myself to break away from a cup of tea (and computer) and start to enjoy winter (so directly as a child), and accounted for every day new plans and included in them, of course, something that is useful to the body.

Suggest a short list of those classes that are required of each of us in the last weeks of winter frosts. It is necessary, first of all, in order to mentally prepare for the spring awakening of nature.

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Physical activity needs you

Physical activity needs you both – Firstly, as a result of physical activity increases, and consumption of oxygen saturation of cells. Secondly, sport helps to maintain optimal body weight, third allocated when doing happiness hormones needed you more than ever.
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So it’s settled: sports during pregnancy are necessary and useful. Now define what is useful and what is contraindicated. Excessive exercise can do harm. Therefore, if pre-pregnancy, you’re not led an active lifestyle, it is best suited to you walking in the fresh air. The main thing for a walk always dress for the season: cold at such a moment to anything.

As a result, walk every cell of our body is saturated with oxygen, accelerate metabolism, improves blood circulation, and strengthens the gluteal muscles and lower leg. If the walk is held in an outdoor stadium, you can perform simple exercises: slopes, circular movements of the head.

What sports you can do during pregnancy? If walking alone is not for you and the intention to enroll in a fitness club is growing every day, you should remember that not all sports are allowed during pregnancy. Best sports during pregnancy are: gymnastics for pregnant women, yoga, belly dancing, and swimming.

Gymnastics for pregnant women – In these sessions you will prepare for the upcoming birth, teach proper breathing. Here you can explore and stretch the muscles and ligaments of the groin. All exercises are done slowly and smoothly, eliminating the possibility of injury.

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Prohibition of alcohol and cigarette ingestion

During the pregnancy – this period should be prohibited with the intake of alcohol and smoking. Both male and female take responsibility for the health of the unborn child, so preparation for pregnancy should be not only correct, but also mutual.

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In that case, if conception occurred unexpectedly, should analyze your lifestyle over the past six months to prepare yourself for possible difficulties during pregnancy having learned that the pregnancy is carefully and treat you to the baby from the first weeks of conception: eat healthy, take vitamins, more are on the outdoors and try to surround yourself with positive emotions.

Let the next 9 months will be for you the happiest time in my life, as well as a period of unity with the unborn, but in such a family, creation. Talk to your baby, he read books, sing lullabies – in a word, develop a baby in utero and establish contact with him. This process can and should attract the baby daddy, because it will benefit everyone.

Gentle touch a pregnant belly, quivering with cooing crumbs postponed in the subconscious of the child, and the mother-soothe. The role of nutrition in preparation for pregnancy – Properly prepare for pregnancy, women will help competent food, which implies a consumption of wholesome foods multivitamin and mineral complexes in the required quantity.