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Eat ice cream to your heart’s content

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Give children ice cream instead of milk in summer

Parents of children with sore throat swells, the ice cream yedirməkdən shy sick . But doctors say they need it olamadıgını
He could easily eat ice cream in the summer months, milk-smokers, children, doctors say it would not be any harm . Experts ice cream due to raw material milk is a good source of food during the summer months and decreasing interest in children’s milk to drink . Children, especially in the winter and summer months it is important that doctors use their milk and dairy products , particularly milk for children’s growth gets all the vitamins . For this reason, milk and dairy products should be eaten every season .

When hungry, eat ice cream !

Experts say it is caused by an empty stomach chill of ice cream in the stomach . The ice cream cake in the shape of the mouth into the stomach to go ərimədən say that is very harmful . In particular, it is important to pay attention to this advice for children’s sensitive stomach . Packaged ice cream is made in terms of health conditions, it is recommended to clean .

There is no difference between black and white is very good for the soul

j and black , as well as vitamins and minerals the disinfectant composition Hold feature. Keep a surprise to see how good we consume affects amazed .

Gives strength to the body , qansızlıgı relief is ignored .
Mouth, throat infections, gum disease and is useful as a cough . Temperature is reduced. Strengthens the liver . Regulates the work of the stomach and intestines .

Yeyildikdə especially with food facilitates digestion . Eaten on an empty stomach , intestinal worms is the white mulberry . Relaxes the stomach and intestines . Black mulberry has a good effect in the mouth and throat infections . Ghana is best regardless of the color . Weight loss and appetite causes people to take .

Hold for 15-20 grams of white leaves with three cups of water and boil icilərsə diuretic effect. This ingredient is also used as a fever reducer . Yarpaqlarıyla skin sores and bleeding nose is fresh , keep the buffer stops bleeding .

Keep dry leaves and bark are boiled and throat rinsing fluid from the mouth and gums to prevent iltihablarının .


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