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Set your biological clock and have more health

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Set your biological clock. And have more health
Biological Clock is the important work that the brain performs – as a great company to work well, has set schedule with shifts and schedules to be met.

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 The brain determines the production of hormones essential for cellular, tissue, bone and red blood cell renewal. Besides these hormones are pillars of health, in sync with   the body they produce humor, attention, appetite, sleep and awaken the libido.

The dysfunction in the production of these hormones will cause imbalance in the endocrine system directly affecting their production, which may be in excess or insufficient, as a result bringing diseases like hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.              
Alarm clock
The awakening should always occur between 7 or 8 hours, for at dawn, around 6 hours, begins production of this hormone will reach its highest peak between 7 and 8 hours.

Wake up and go back to sleep after this time will cause the individual to have deep sleep and wake up again to have poor physical and mental disposition, with a possible headache.

 The reason for this malaise is that around 9 o’clock starts the production of endorphins.
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