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A Resolution of the World Health Assembly

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Update knowledge
According to Dr. Zhang Xiao, Coordinator of the Department of Traditional Medicine, WHO (2010), there has been dramatic increase in the popularity of various disciplines collectively known as traditional medicine (TM) over the past thirty years and more than ten
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A Resolution of the World Health Assembly on Traditional Medicine, WHA56
 31, urged Member States to formulate and implement national policies and regulatory MT and complementary and alternative medicine.

Another Resolution, WHA62.13 (2009) urged countries to establish qualifica
tion, accreditation or licensing of professionals MT systems and help them update their knowledge and skills
 Enhance communication among practitioners of conventional medicine and professionals MT and formulate policies and standards to promote appropriate, safe and effective use of TM.

A series of measurements for basic training is part of the implementation of the WHO resolution.
Objectives of the measurements
These Assessments reflect what the community considers to be a reasonable professional practice in vocational training, considering the safety and security of consumers and patients as a core for professional practice.

Among the objectives of this series of documents are Support countries to establish systems for the qualification, accreditation or licensing of traditional medicine practitioners;

Assistance for professionals to update their knowledge and skills in collaboration with providers of conventional care;


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