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To overcome the spring fatigue

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Moreover, it is cheaper and healthier, “says Melina Nova, which is now the parent with children holiday. Better than no vitamins are the artificial body, taken in a pharmacy or drugstore
“To overcome the spring fatigue does not help to begin to encourage all kinds of stimulants such as coffee, chocolate, Cola drinks and energy drinks.”

Kyle leon customized fat loss

In order to relieve the diet is sufficient to exclude fatty foods, replace red meat with white and replace white bread for whole meal. The dramatic slimming diet doctors in the spring recommended because a weakened organism cans more virility and will be more susceptible to disease. What is important is drinking regime.

Sweet fruit juices in exchange for herbal tea is perfect nettle leaves or birch
Light without the sun
But how to add the missing light when on holiday by the sea or in the mountains and the sun is not in our latitudes occurs about as often as ever we can observe the eclipse?
In the spirit of saying the end justifies the means pressing a switch artificial lighting.

Ardent environmentalists, inveterate opponents and ignition energy giant CEZ likely collapse of such advice, but when it comes to our mental state of mind, a calm heart, and a shareholder hated giant support.

The positive effect of light to induce better psychological well-being is long established. Even at the beginning of the last century was the use of the therapeutic effect of light won the Nobel Prize. Light therapy requires a special lamp, but when we do, or do not want to attend devices that offer its effects will be sufficient light from compact fluorescent lamps.


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