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Impaired night vision Problems

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Toxic Cataract may result from any drug or toxic chemical. Smokers have higher risk of developing cataracts.
Signs and symptoms
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Vision blurred, indistinct, hazy and smoky sensitivity to light and impaired night vision Problems can arise when driving at night because the headlights may seem too bright with the glare.

Double vision
Pupils usually appear dark whitish, milky.
Halos around lights
Changes in color perception Problems with rays of light and the sun temporary Improves vision, only in people with hyperopic. It’s called “Second Sight”.


What is it?
It is a corneal dystrophy of unknown cause, probably related to genetic factors, which may submit expressions of varying intensity in different members of the same family. There is an excessive increase in the curvature of the cornea, which can take the form of a “cone.”

Always evolving?
Not always. It may be associated with slow progression or be parked.
What is the danger?

Severe forms evolve with worsening of vision, thinning and increased corneal curvature, even loss of transparency or corneal perforation. What is the treatment? Depending on the stage, can be treated with glasses, contact lenses or corneal transplantation


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