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Tips from the heat wave

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The first heat wave has arrived and temperatures above 30 degrees ensure that even healthy people for circulatory problems. Tips from the heat wave, except to drink a lot, how people can protect against today.
Become A Muscle Builder

In Germany it is very sultry and hot. Temperatures between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius will bring little cooling off in the next few days. For many people a problem, because many now suffers from poor circulation. This can strain also readily healthy people, because sudden temperature changes mean for the human body pure stress.


In addition, the human body needs, but also work a lot harder at the steady heat to maintain body temperature constant can. Thus producing the physical climate system weld, this then makes the surface evaporation for cooling.
Heat Tip: should drink Vie are mandatory – Who enormously sweats a lot, of course, loses a lot of fluid.

Does not drink a person enough it comes to dehydration of the body. The organism cannot itself ensure adequate cooling and overheating at the end.

In this way, it may lead to heat shock or to heatstroke. Particularly affected are young children, the elderly, infants, overweight, but also chronically ill people. Whereby, but also healthy can suffer if they do not drink enough.
In addition to the risk from drying heat may be responsible but also that the blood pressure sags.


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