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Initial tests have been carried out successfully

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However, if too little from the diseased tissue, this usually means more operations for the person concerned; after all, it is but to completely remove all the cancer cells, so as to avoid the spread. Especially in breast cancer patients, it is always a challenge to successfully carry out such an operation, because it is not always clear which tissue is actually infested.

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Thus, doctors can still learn during an operation in doubt which tissue is really sick and what not, are all too often been analyzed during surgery tissue samples. Such an investigation can quickly take half an hour to complete, so that the new invention could provide a radical of time.

The so-called iKnife, was presented in London. A sly knife, which can show by means of a color display which tissue, is really cancerous cells.

Initial tests have been carried out successfully, within 3 seconds realized this smart scalpel which tissue was sick and that healthy. Nevertheless, it may still take up to 3 years to physicians keep this clever tool in the hands, because there is still more data in this device to work so that this knife really detect all cancers.

In addition, the question will arise whether clinics this clever knife can afford at all, other than in circumstances will cost around 300,000 Euros this instrument.

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