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Prohibition of alcohol and cigarette ingestion

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During the pregnancy – this period should be prohibited with the intake of alcohol and smoking. Both male and female take responsibility for the health of the unborn child, so preparation for pregnancy should be not only correct, but also mutual.

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In that case, if conception occurred unexpectedly, should analyze your lifestyle over the past six months to prepare yourself for possible difficulties during pregnancy having learned that the pregnancy is carefully and treat you to the baby from the first weeks of conception: eat healthy, take vitamins, more are on the outdoors and try to surround yourself with positive emotions.

Let the next 9 months will be for you the happiest time in my life, as well as a period of unity with the unborn, but in such a family, creation. Talk to your baby, he read books, sing lullabies – in a word, develop a baby in utero and establish contact with him. This process can and should attract the baby daddy, because it will benefit everyone.

Gentle touch a pregnant belly, quivering with cooing crumbs postponed in the subconscious of the child, and the mother-soothe. The role of nutrition in preparation for pregnancy – Properly prepare for pregnancy, women will help competent food, which implies a consumption of wholesome foods multivitamin and mineral complexes in the required quantity.


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