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Physical activity needs you

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Physical activity needs you both – Firstly, as a result of physical activity increases, and consumption of oxygen saturation of cells. Secondly, sport helps to maintain optimal body weight, third allocated when doing happiness hormones needed you more than ever.
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So it’s settled: sports during pregnancy are necessary and useful. Now define what is useful and what is contraindicated. Excessive exercise can do harm. Therefore, if pre-pregnancy, you’re not led an active lifestyle, it is best suited to you walking in the fresh air. The main thing for a walk always dress for the season: cold at such a moment to anything.

As a result, walk every cell of our body is saturated with oxygen, accelerate metabolism, improves blood circulation, and strengthens the gluteal muscles and lower leg. If the walk is held in an outdoor stadium, you can perform simple exercises: slopes, circular movements of the head.

What sports you can do during pregnancy? If walking alone is not for you and the intention to enroll in a fitness club is growing every day, you should remember that not all sports are allowed during pregnancy. Best sports during pregnancy are: gymnastics for pregnant women, yoga, belly dancing, and swimming.

Gymnastics for pregnant women – In these sessions you will prepare for the upcoming birth, teach proper breathing. Here you can explore and stretch the muscles and ligaments of the groin. All exercises are done slowly and smoothly, eliminating the possibility of injury.


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