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– So when you go to a first trial competition?

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So when you go to a first trial competition?
Plantain Medicinal Plant of the Year 2014 – The plantain is a versatile remedy. It can, for example, relieve cough or help with insect bites. For this he was now named medicinal plant of the year.
Is This Program a Kyle Leon Scam?

The plantain is the medicinal plant of the year 2014. The plant WOULD against bacteria and the milder cough, justified Scientists at the University of Würzburg their choice. Plantago lanceolata – the scientific name – is used in medicine for thousands of years.

“It helps both respiratory diseases as well as the first wound care or insect bites,” said the medical historian Johannes Gottfried Mayer. The plantain leaves, therefore, contain substances that create a protective film on the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat. So they reduced the cough. Other components had antibacterial and hemostatic.

This was confirmed by laboratory studies. However, subject no current clinical trials. The title was therefore also a “call to the research.”

The plant gets its name from the long, pointed leaves. It grows mainly on roadsides and in dry meadows. According to Meyer, one should chew the leaves briefly and then set, for example, an insect bite. For coughs one could also pour a cup of tea – but possible not only of plantain: “This tastes a little bitter.”
Fitness: To work out the beginning of the sport – Leave the temperatures hit freezing point, it drives many joggers back on the running trails. To be fit, but should not be rushed here by Daniel Naupold.


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