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Dental treatment

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For loads of 60 minutes or child recommends 800 to 1000 ml of fluid per hour in addition, for example, water and unsweetened drinks.
Dental treatment: Negotiating worth – What applies in the trade, also applies to the dentist: About the price can be negotiate. Because the prices for dental treatment are not fixed – patients can push it with a bit of negotiation skills.
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The bill from the dentist would be composed of two sums together, explains Gregory Borne from the tooth counseling office of the Independent Patient Counseling (UPD): the fees of the doctor and the cost of the dental technician. About his fee, the doctor will not let talk to in the rule. “With the technician, the dentist but significantly negotiate.”

Material from abroad – The material and labor costs could push the physicians also the fact that he can make the dental work abroad because in some countries they are offered much cheaper than here.

Rising costs – The association of statutory health insurance has warned of significantly rising dental costs. For a crown about health patients would continue to pay 74 Euros more. The German Dental Association holds the warning, however, be exaggerated. Beginning of 2012 is to enter a new fee schedule for dentists in force. It regulates for insured patients to pay for treatments that go beyond Standard.


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