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Types of urine test

Other types of urine test could reveal the presence of a bacterial infection. The test strips for detecting the presence of white blood cells (leukocytes to test) and in part to the presence of nitrites, which are produced by certain bacteria. The nitrite test is unreliable because in 30% of cases did not reveal infection.

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The observation and treatment should be carried out in collaboration with the physician.
Allow the patient to drink what he wants, so that the urethra can be intensely wet.

Cystitis in women usually has no complications when treated with antibiotics. There is a small risk of pylon purities, regardless of gender.

Pylon purities
Tissue inflammation of the kidneys is rare and often results from the spread of cystitis, and more rarely as a result of infection by bacteria from the blood. Symptoms

The patient is extremely ill with chills and fever (39 º -40 º C). There are usually nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, back pain, pain in the pubic area and often have great difficulty in passing urine with pain and a feeling that they did not empty the bladder.

The pain is located on the side of the infected kidney.
The levels of disease awareness, respiration, pulse and blood pressure should be checked several times a day.


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The observation and treatment

The observation and treatment should be carried out in collaboration with the physician.
The patient should consult a physician after treatment. The patient should reduce the risk of getting infected with the HIV virus.
Acute cystitis
Bladder Infection is often caused by a bacterium from abroad, rising through the urethra into the bladder. Infection is prevented in part with the expulsion of urine, which also expels the bacteria, and partly by substances present in the urine and bladder that are harmful to the bacteria.

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In women, acute cystitis is relatively very common, probably because the shorter urethra. The infection is usually caused by bacteria from the intestine.

In man, acute cystitis is a rare infection, which should be examined by a physician to exclude the possibility of existence of other complications, such as an enlarged prostate.

After emptying the bladder with a catheter, or after any other intervention in the bladder, there is always an increased risk of cystitis. Symptoms
The urine may smell bad.

There is pain above the pubic bone, and often the urination is painful and feeling that you can not empty your bladder.
In women it is important to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. This can be done by a questionnaire to the patient and making a urine pregnancy test.

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Similar to cocaine and amphetamines

It is a synthetic amphetamine derivative known as 3, 4 – meth methamphetamine (MDMA). Also known as “ecstasy,” “XTC”
“Adam” and “love drug”.
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Can be classified as either a psycho stimulant similar to cocaine and amphetamines as well be grouped with the hallucinogens because the hallucinations and “flashbacks” that cause, when used at very high doses.
Was synthesized in Germany in 1914, as moderator of appetite, but was never marketed.

In the 70s, this drug was used for purposes of psychotherapeutic treatment, but when its use became abusive, promoting lesions in neurons, became a prohibited drug.
It is consumed orally, in the form of gel capsules and tablets, which are found in various colors, designs and sizes. These preparations are often mixed in fruit juice or other beverages.

It is also used for intra-nasally in powdered form. Some preparations made in the street may also contain caffeine, LSD, amphetamines and other hallucinogens.

Youngsters and teenagers are “recreational” use of the associated or not with other drugs or alcohol ecstasy.
Use to feel more uninhibited, friendly, close and intimate people. Seek joy, euphoria and energy.

The use occurs mostly on weekends, in dance clubs or parties where crowds dance vigorously. The dance sessions that last all night, are called “raves”.

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Rechargeable ‘energy are children

Guess I must be under some pressure, makes me better,” says Marcela But sometimes enough is too much for her. “It’s probably not much guidance, but I ride in the car helps
I was alone, answering his phone, I let the music to calm down and compare it all in my head,” he explains. “I am going to familiar places.

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Usually somewhere in the countryside, where you can walk and draw strength,” he says.
It’s rechargeable ‘energy are children – sixteen and twenty Margaret Martin.

“There are no problems with them, even though the son is a teenager. They’re still positive mood, which is transmitted to me. About all we can talk,” he says.

With his son spending time at a hockey game, playing competitively “I always liked hockey, and when you add that to his success, it’s really enjoyable time at which relaxes and improves my mood,” he says.

For the longer term, recharge the batteries’ run Marcela Kotare prefer the sea. “The sun definitely works for me when I wake up and shining, now I have a better mood and all problems seem to be easier,” says Marcela Kava.

It is the same with the trend of massive eyebrows, it just slightly darker pencil. Choose from the best shows what you like best. Certainly models do not copy completely.

You alone in the privacy you describe?
Just I a minute or two Apply make-ups as well as I would give the cream a little color on the cheeks and then lots of mascara. On the day that’s enough.

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To overcome the spring fatigue

Moreover, it is cheaper and healthier, “says Melina Nova, which is now the parent with children holiday. Better than no vitamins are the artificial body, taken in a pharmacy or drugstore
“To overcome the spring fatigue does not help to begin to encourage all kinds of stimulants such as coffee, chocolate, Cola drinks and energy drinks.”

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In order to relieve the diet is sufficient to exclude fatty foods, replace red meat with white and replace white bread for whole meal. The dramatic slimming diet doctors in the spring recommended because a weakened organism cans more virility and will be more susceptible to disease. What is important is drinking regime.

Sweet fruit juices in exchange for herbal tea is perfect nettle leaves or birch
Light without the sun
But how to add the missing light when on holiday by the sea or in the mountains and the sun is not in our latitudes occurs about as often as ever we can observe the eclipse?
In the spirit of saying the end justifies the means pressing a switch artificial lighting.

Ardent environmentalists, inveterate opponents and ignition energy giant CEZ likely collapse of such advice, but when it comes to our mental state of mind, a calm heart, and a shareholder hated giant support.

The positive effect of light to induce better psychological well-being is long established. Even at the beginning of the last century was the use of the therapeutic effect of light won the Nobel Prize. Light therapy requires a special lamp, but when we do, or do not want to attend devices that offer its effects will be sufficient light from compact fluorescent lamps.

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Impaired night vision Problems

Toxic Cataract may result from any drug or toxic chemical. Smokers have higher risk of developing cataracts.
Signs and symptoms
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Vision blurred, indistinct, hazy and smoky sensitivity to light and impaired night vision Problems can arise when driving at night because the headlights may seem too bright with the glare.

Double vision
Pupils usually appear dark whitish, milky.
Halos around lights
Changes in color perception Problems with rays of light and the sun temporary Improves vision, only in people with hyperopic. It’s called “Second Sight”.


What is it?
It is a corneal dystrophy of unknown cause, probably related to genetic factors, which may submit expressions of varying intensity in different members of the same family. There is an excessive increase in the curvature of the cornea, which can take the form of a “cone.”

Always evolving?
Not always. It may be associated with slow progression or be parked.
What is the danger?

Severe forms evolve with worsening of vision, thinning and increased corneal curvature, even loss of transparency or corneal perforation. What is the treatment? Depending on the stage, can be treated with glasses, contact lenses or corneal transplantation

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Tips from the heat wave

The first heat wave has arrived and temperatures above 30 degrees ensure that even healthy people for circulatory problems. Tips from the heat wave, except to drink a lot, how people can protect against today.
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In Germany it is very sultry and hot. Temperatures between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius will bring little cooling off in the next few days. For many people a problem, because many now suffers from poor circulation. This can strain also readily healthy people, because sudden temperature changes mean for the human body pure stress.


In addition, the human body needs, but also work a lot harder at the steady heat to maintain body temperature constant can. Thus producing the physical climate system weld, this then makes the surface evaporation for cooling.
Heat Tip: should drink Vie are mandatory – Who enormously sweats a lot, of course, loses a lot of fluid.

Does not drink a person enough it comes to dehydration of the body. The organism cannot itself ensure adequate cooling and overheating at the end.

In this way, it may lead to heat shock or to heatstroke. Particularly affected are young children, the elderly, infants, overweight, but also chronically ill people. Whereby, but also healthy can suffer if they do not drink enough.
In addition to the risk from drying heat may be responsible but also that the blood pressure sags.