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Chilblains are self-limiting and improve

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Chilblains are self-limiting and improve after three weeks.

 However, the elderly, and if maintaining exposure to triggers, can become chronic’s important to take general preventive measures such as wear suitable clothing, avoid exposure to cold and moisture, keep feet and hands warm and dry and not smoking.

Chilblains need not be a cause of suffering to the people, so to prevent its onset is essential to comply with preventive measures.

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A suggestive of chilblains, but that lasts more than four weeks should be cause for consultation Dermatologist a more detailed study to be performed.

A feature of the disease is that injury to the skin can lead to further injury.

Spite of vitiligo cause no harm to physical health, aesthetic changes often cause psychological disorders that can impair social interaction. The degree of emotional commitment could end up negatively affect the evolution of the disease. When necessary, the psychological care of patients undergoing treatment can be critical to a successful outcome.


Vitiligo presents the shape and intensity varied in each patient, so treatment indicated by the dermatologist should be individualized according to each case.

Drugs that exert great results in some patients may have no effect in others. Often, the results seem to be more related to the treated patient than the treatment itself.

Medications aimed at correcting immune alterations responsible for de pigmentation process or stimulate the present in the lesions to produce melanin.





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