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A person needs physical exercise

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A person needs physical exercise; do not overdo the salt and alcohol, stress and weight control, lead healthy lives, anyway.

As there is a clear relationship between high blood pressure and increased body weight, lose 10% of body weight is a form effective to reduce the levels of pressure.

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For example, every 1kg of weight eliminated the pressure of hypertensive falls from 1.3 mmHg to 1.6 mmHg on average.

Whether the individual has slightly increased pressure and cannot control it by exercising, reducing alcohol intake and losing weight, or if you already have higher minimum levels (11 or 12 minimum pressure), it is necessary to introduce medication to leave more relaxed vessels.

All remedies for hypertension are vasodilators and act in different ways. Older, including diuretics, for example, at the beginning make a person lose a little more salt and water, also help to reduce the reactivity of the vessels.

 The latest usually more tolerated and cause fewer side effects’s always possible to control blood pressure since there is adherence to treatment

Thus, the patient needs to do their part: take medicine properly and change the habits of life. Recommendations

• Do not think that simply taking drugs to solve their problem of high blood pressure. You also need to promote some changes in your lifestyle;


• Eat salt sparingly. It is an important mineral for the body and should not be eliminated from the diet of hypertensive. Forget, however, the salt shaker then put the food on the plate and avoid processed foods that generally contain more salt foods. Need to be very careful with the intake of blacks, people over 65 years of age and people with diabetes because they are more sensitive to the mechanism of action of the salt;.







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