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Seven Rules of Conduct happy people

Our environment affects not so lucky coincidence, other people or even the weather. About our happiness is determined primarily by their behavior ourselves.


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Everything we do and do not do has an impact on what happens to us in life and those of us fortunate if they did, because they behave accordingly.

“If you are not satisfied in life, it is time to change the behavior that you brought into the present situation,” he advises in his book How to be happier in life (released Grade) author Heather Summers and Anne



Watson and listed seven important rules of conduct by which to act on them most happy people

First let’s make our own luck

Many people are not happy with their life.

Tired of the work , they have problems with a partner, or they do not like where lives . But instead resigned, split or moved, just endlessly over his unfortunate fate which they are helpless victims.

Fortunately, we can influence their destiny. “Each person is responsible for their behavior,” says the author of a book Heather Anne and think it as no threat, but rather an opportunity.

Through our actions we consider to be in the hands of their consequences and can affect virtually everything that happens in our lives, much more than we think And because the testimony for us no one else cannot or will not find a better home or partner is happy with the first rule of conduct to be master of his own destiny, not being afraid to finally do something and be really their own luck.







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