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The story of Katy: I’m pregnant with my boyfriend, but it pulls me back to her husband

When my husband and I got married, the children no word this does not mean that we never wanted to, but sometime in the undefined future closer. We just talked about them. I was 28 years old and jade two more. The first years of marriage we sailed, I do not know how.

Become A Muscle Builder

Jade calls me daily, persuades, let him come back, that cannot be without me, that he does not mind that she is pregnant with another man.

We lived for each other, enjoying the freedom that nothing we do not have and everything we can.

 Even the dog, as it does a lot of young childless couples, we fitted. The idea that we have to care about someone, we were completely foreign. Money us enough for a happy life, we also managed to save up a little bit. So why change it?

My friends around me gradually began to give birth to first, second child and I still nothing.

Speech of parents, friends, acquaintances, who could not forgive intrusive question: so what, and when you do that you hit when the children, we embarked in one ear and out the other. My mom ordered me even to it’s a specialist in infertility.

Biological clocks are known

But then it came.

 A completely unexpected As if I were a witch fertility spell and transformed into a woman longing for a child. Suddenly I wanted him. Right now, yesterday it was too late. I was 33 years old and I feel that I do not want to wait for anything.







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