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Martin, Christina stood up: “It’s the perfect woman. Marko, cherish it, because what you have at home, you should have one.”

“Probably more like what I had at home because I get it. Probably go well apart, it’s very nice,” commented Mark.

“Mark, do not be mad at me, but I need to live,” concluded Wife Swap Christine and asked the staff to take her children for their parents, while Mark drove himself home.

Is This Program a Kyle Leon Scam?

With the distance shooting

Peter on Wife Swap remembers not want to Mark the other endured.

“The hardest thing for me was the apartment. Somehow I then recovered and most important to me were the children. Their whole apartment was such a dark, cool. I felt as in a cave.”

Mark is accordingly a simple and more boy than man. “Since the filming we saw twice and it is not our blood group.

Kristina does not want me to change anything and be together all the time And I think that is not love. I think Mark is and she is afraid of him.

Therefore are together.

And It is true that Mark Christina dragged by the hair after the apartment building.

 Dig the woman’s misery, “says Petra and offers a simple recipe for a happy marriage: communication, compromise, sex.

It all goes with it. My husband is a big guy, besides whom I’m not afraid, I do not have a single complaint to him,” delights.

Czechs are the current family situation ruled only briefly. “We came back to him. We’re happy,” said Mark.






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