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Chilblains are self-limiting and improve

Chilblains are self-limiting and improve after three weeks.

 However, the elderly, and if maintaining exposure to triggers, can become chronic’s important to take general preventive measures such as wear suitable clothing, avoid exposure to cold and moisture, keep feet and hands warm and dry and not smoking.

Chilblains need not be a cause of suffering to the people, so to prevent its onset is essential to comply with preventive measures.

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A suggestive of chilblains, but that lasts more than four weeks should be cause for consultation Dermatologist a more detailed study to be performed.

A feature of the disease is that injury to the skin can lead to further injury.

Spite of vitiligo cause no harm to physical health, aesthetic changes often cause psychological disorders that can impair social interaction. The degree of emotional commitment could end up negatively affect the evolution of the disease. When necessary, the psychological care of patients undergoing treatment can be critical to a successful outcome.


Vitiligo presents the shape and intensity varied in each patient, so treatment indicated by the dermatologist should be individualized according to each case.

Drugs that exert great results in some patients may have no effect in others. Often, the results seem to be more related to the treated patient than the treatment itself.

Medications aimed at correcting immune alterations responsible for de pigmentation process or stimulate the present in the lesions to produce melanin.





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A person needs physical exercise

A person needs physical exercise; do not overdo the salt and alcohol, stress and weight control, lead healthy lives, anyway.

As there is a clear relationship between high blood pressure and increased body weight, lose 10% of body weight is a form effective to reduce the levels of pressure.

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For example, every 1kg of weight eliminated the pressure of hypertensive falls from 1.3 mmHg to 1.6 mmHg on average.

Whether the individual has slightly increased pressure and cannot control it by exercising, reducing alcohol intake and losing weight, or if you already have higher minimum levels (11 or 12 minimum pressure), it is necessary to introduce medication to leave more relaxed vessels.

All remedies for hypertension are vasodilators and act in different ways. Older, including diuretics, for example, at the beginning make a person lose a little more salt and water, also help to reduce the reactivity of the vessels.

 The latest usually more tolerated and cause fewer side effects’s always possible to control blood pressure since there is adherence to treatment

Thus, the patient needs to do their part: take medicine properly and change the habits of life. Recommendations

• Do not think that simply taking drugs to solve their problem of high blood pressure. You also need to promote some changes in your lifestyle;


• Eat salt sparingly. It is an important mineral for the body and should not be eliminated from the diet of hypertensive. Forget, however, the salt shaker then put the food on the plate and avoid processed foods that generally contain more salt foods. Need to be very careful with the intake of blacks, people over 65 years of age and people with diabetes because they are more sensitive to the mechanism of action of the salt;.






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Satisfaction with life

Seven Rules of Conduct happy people

Our environment affects not so lucky coincidence, other people or even the weather. About our happiness is determined primarily by their behavior ourselves.


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Everything we do and do not do has an impact on what happens to us in life and those of us fortunate if they did, because they behave accordingly.

“If you are not satisfied in life, it is time to change the behavior that you brought into the present situation,” he advises in his book How to be happier in life (released Grade) author Heather Summers and Anne



Watson and listed seven important rules of conduct by which to act on them most happy people

First let’s make our own luck

Many people are not happy with their life.

Tired of the work , they have problems with a partner, or they do not like where lives . But instead resigned, split or moved, just endlessly over his unfortunate fate which they are helpless victims.

Fortunately, we can influence their destiny. “Each person is responsible for their behavior,” says the author of a book Heather Anne and think it as no threat, but rather an opportunity.

Through our actions we consider to be in the hands of their consequences and can affect virtually everything that happens in our lives, much more than we think And because the testimony for us no one else cannot or will not find a better home or partner is happy with the first rule of conduct to be master of his own destiny, not being afraid to finally do something and be really their own luck.






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Info about Biological clocks

The story of Katy: I’m pregnant with my boyfriend, but it pulls me back to her husband

When my husband and I got married, the children no word this does not mean that we never wanted to, but sometime in the undefined future closer. We just talked about them. I was 28 years old and jade two more. The first years of marriage we sailed, I do not know how.

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Jade calls me daily, persuades, let him come back, that cannot be without me, that he does not mind that she is pregnant with another man.

We lived for each other, enjoying the freedom that nothing we do not have and everything we can.

 Even the dog, as it does a lot of young childless couples, we fitted. The idea that we have to care about someone, we were completely foreign. Money us enough for a happy life, we also managed to save up a little bit. So why change it?

My friends around me gradually began to give birth to first, second child and I still nothing.

Speech of parents, friends, acquaintances, who could not forgive intrusive question: so what, and when you do that you hit when the children, we embarked in one ear and out the other. My mom ordered me even to it’s a specialist in infertility.

Biological clocks are known

But then it came.

 A completely unexpected As if I were a witch fertility spell and transformed into a woman longing for a child. Suddenly I wanted him. Right now, yesterday it was too late. I was 33 years old and I feel that I do not want to wait for anything.






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Healthy life and healthy marriage

Martin, Christina stood up: “It’s the perfect woman. Marko, cherish it, because what you have at home, you should have one.”

“Probably more like what I had at home because I get it. Probably go well apart, it’s very nice,” commented Mark.

“Mark, do not be mad at me, but I need to live,” concluded Wife Swap Christine and asked the staff to take her children for their parents, while Mark drove himself home.

Is This Program a Kyle Leon Scam?

With the distance shooting

Peter on Wife Swap remembers not want to Mark the other endured.

“The hardest thing for me was the apartment. Somehow I then recovered and most important to me were the children. Their whole apartment was such a dark, cool. I felt as in a cave.”

Mark is accordingly a simple and more boy than man. “Since the filming we saw twice and it is not our blood group.

Kristina does not want me to change anything and be together all the time And I think that is not love. I think Mark is and she is afraid of him.

Therefore are together.

And It is true that Mark Christina dragged by the hair after the apartment building.

 Dig the woman’s misery, “says Petra and offers a simple recipe for a happy marriage: communication, compromise, sex.

It all goes with it. My husband is a big guy, besides whom I’m not afraid, I do not have a single complaint to him,” delights.

Czechs are the current family situation ruled only briefly. “We came back to him. We’re happy,” said Mark.